My suggestion is that we, the people, should seek to turn the searchlight of attention on journalists. Until now they’ve used the ‘excuse’ that their Editor (e.g. Dacre, et al) didn’t want them to criticise the Conservative government (even over austerity, the bedroom tax, underfunding of healthcare, social care, education, policing, vital council services, etc. while seeking to place all the blame on “migrants” and “EU laws”). Now they can no longer conceal the truth because their editors wish to avoid criticising PM Johnson. This time around, we can all see the reality online. For instance, Germany is already conducting over half a million Covid-19 tests per week, whereas the UK is probably just about achieving c.6,500 tests per week, including tests on the Prince of Wales, the PM and their collective entourages, rather than front-line health and social care workers. Journalists need to know that people will now judge them on their honesty and objectivity. So, if they choose not to present the facts that the rest of us can already see online, then their reputations will be trashed in perpetuity. We urgently need journalists now to do their duty, not think about what their Editors want them to say and worry about their careers.