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Month: May 2018

The new working class

I found the ‘Ayes to the Left’ podcast discussing with Claire Ainsley her new book, “The New Working Class: Winning Hearts, Minds and Votes”, hugely interesting – see (c. 31 minutes). I strongly recommend it. For me, Claire helps explain why (based on evidence and data) that when I was talking to Leave voters in 2016 and since, I discovered that, if you can get past headline Leave Campaign lies like “Take Back Control”, “Our country is already full”, “£350 million a week extra for the NHS”, “They need us more than we need them”, “We can have...

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Not in My Name – Hope Not Fear

HOPE, not FEAR Did you know that Theresa May, when introducing her, so-called, “hostile environment” Immigration Bill on 22 Oct 13, said “WE CAN DEPORT FIRST AND HEAR APPEALS AFTERWARDS” (Source: Hansard at I stress her words in capitals, as I personally find them repulsive and deeply embarrassing. Whipped-up by lies about immigration over decades by the Mail, Sun, Express, Telegraph, Farage, UKIP and Conservative ultra-Brexiteers, our country has somehow been turned into a nasty, anti-migrant, anti-asylum country. “Not in my name”, I say. In contrast, and thanks largely to David Lammy, we now know how Therese May’s ‘deport-first-appeal-later’...

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